Inspirations / by Andrew Gelwick

Culture or Nature?

Don't listen to the binary demon! Why are these opposites? No but I'm very interested in my personal relationship with nature as well as the greater cultural one. Being from Privelegedville, Colorado I've camped in some interesting places that I've since realized aren't universal experiences. I also just love flowers and succulents. 




Production or consumption?

I chase the feeling of "production" with my art; it chills me out when I feel that I didn't "waste" time or materials and making art is an easy way to do so. I think that my stencil collage process is somewhat indicative of this since all I need to do is remix one image with another. 

NTS 5.jpeg
  • Sobriety or being high?

I've been known to smoke some reefer every now and again and this relates to my first answer; I like feeling productive, arts easy to do, and being high is just that much better. I also like to make art in the morning with 2-3 cups of coffee and finally while I'm at work in the museum. These three different situations each have their own associated result, while at the museum I often just cut things out or make small stencil collages at home is where I often do most of my assembly.